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Drilling (ball not purchased from Bowling Dynamix)

Conventional Grip (like a house ball)       $44.95   

Fingertip Grip      $59.95 (plus grip accessories)

No Thumb Drill   $24.95  (plus grips)

Ball Maintenance

Cleaning   $3.95  

Polishing    $4.95

Light Resurface/Scuff   $4.95

Oil Removal  $19.95

Full Resurface  $24.95

Plug Work

Plug Fingers & Redrill   $29.95 

Plug Thumb & Redrill   $29.95

Plug Extra Hole  $14.95

Drop Fill Fingers $9.95

Drop Fill Thumb  $9.95

(grip accessories and installation may be additional)

Grip Accessories

Vise Finger Grips  $5.95/each

Vise Thumb Slug   (at Initial Drill )  $9.95

Pro Sports Thumb Insert (at Initial Drill)  $9.95

Vise Ball IT  (at Initial Drill)   $12.95

Vise Thumb IT  $22.95

Turbo Switch Grip Outer Sleeve (at Initial Drill)   $15.95

Turbo Switch Grip Inner Sleeve  $24.95

Install Finger Grips   $9.95

Install Vacu Grips  $10.95

Install Thumb Slug or Thumb Insert   $9.95

Install Vise Interchangeable Thumb (After Initial Drill)  $9.95

Install Turbo Switch Grip  (After Initial Drill)  $9.95

pricing does not include sales tax


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